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What is a fishing lure ?

In terms of recreational fishing, a lure is an object attached to the end of the fishing line and designed to resemble and move like an item of fish prey. The purpose of the lure is to use movement, vibrations, and color to catch the fish's attention to make them bite the hook. Lures are equipped with one or more single, double, or treble hooks that are used to hook fish when they attack the lure.
Lures are usually used with a fishing rod and fishing reel outfit. When a lure is used for casting, it is continually cast out and retrieved, the retrieve making the lure swim. A skilled angler can explore many possible hiding places for fish through lure casting.

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Types of fishing lures

There are many types of fishing lures. They are all moved to different ways to resemble prey for the fish. The different lures are made to look like dying fish and fast moving fish. They include the following types:

  • Jigs
    A jig is a weighted hook with a lead head opposite the sharp tip. They are often covered with a minnow of crawfish or even a plastic worm to get the fish's attention. The operator has to move the rod to get the jig to move.
  • Surface lures
    Surface lures are also known as top water lures, they float and resemble prey that is on top of the water.
  • Spoons
    Spoon lures are made to resemble the inside of a diner spoon. They are thin and flashy to attract fish.
  • Plugs
    Plugs (fishing) are also known as crankbaits, and are lures that are run through the water at faster speeds and dart back and forth resembling prey items.
  • Flies
    Artificial flies are designed to resemble all manner of fish prey and are used with a fly rod and reel in fly fishing.
  • Worms (softbaits)
    Bass worms are made out of plastic or rubber and are made to resemble worms and lizards in the water.
  • Spinnerbaits
    Spinnerbait are pieces of wire bent at a 90 degree angle with a hook on one end and a flashy spinner mechanism on the other end.

These fishing lures can be made out of wood, plastic, rubber, metal and cork. They can have many moving parts and also no moving parts. They can be retrieved fast or slow. Some of the lures can be used by themselves or with another lure.

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